Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


It is difficult to see in this photo taken through a screen, but overnight a thick limb, 20+ feet in length, fell right next to the children's playground. Guardian angels, thank you!


Thomas (4 months 3 weeks) is now sitting up like a boss. He topples over nonchalantly sometimes and one of the children props him back up again.


Regularly, Joseph (almost 3) runs up to me, embraces and kisses Thomas, exclaiming, "He's my baby! I call him Good Baby!"


They really do love each other! How sweet to see these two sisters dancing in the kitchen to "Sisters" by the Von Trapp children (whose CDs I recommend!).

On a related note, when Mary's good mood strikes her, she likes to teach Margaret (4), which is delightful to me and also actually effective. Today I found these learning materials from the day's "school time" . . .

. . . a reading lesson, a math lesson (with Margaret getting the answers right, even if her numerals are swapped!), and even music theory (intervals).


One day I took the children 4, 2, and baby actually into the grocery store for a few items. It was all fun and games until the punching and hitting like WWF fighters led to a 4-year-old having a full-blown tantrum on the floor of the aisle and me mere seconds away from having to abandon our cart to carry her to the car before she decided to cool her heels, and that's when I remembered why I've done my grocery shopping online for five years now.

Still having a fun time


This year, the gift I made for the neighbors was my first try at peppermint bark: easy, pretty, and very forgiving of mistakes.

My assistant candy confectioners


Grampa Neil has arrived for Christmas!

Fresh off a red eye, enjoying breakfast

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