Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


And then we got sick.

I am grateful that we made it to December before falling ill with our first vomiting illness of the season--remarkable given that we have children in weekly Nursery for CCE (otherwise known as a Petri dish).

Snuggling: happy because Joseph was feeling better and Mama was not yet sick
It turns out that Margaret's illness on Saturday was not motion sickness while driving home from Atlanta but actual illness, probably picked up two days earlier during the many visits to gas stations and public restrooms while we drove to Georgia. Two days after she got sick, four other family members were felled, then God gave me the mercy of not becoming ill until all other family members were better. The baby was spared, thank God.


While part of me is distressed to miss out on school due to illness, I appreciate the opportunity for life lessons. Because we homeschool, if I have little children sick, I'm too busy tending to them to teach, and, if I am sick, obviously I cannot teach. Therefore, when an illness marches through our family, we might have to take off school for quite a few days . . . and I dislike that. On the other hand, I appreciate that the children don't get whisked off to school off-site; thus, they have to participate in pitching in on the housework, caring for siblings, practicing patience because Mama can't get to them, and generally caring for other sick loved ones. Maybe they're losing out on academic lessons, but they're gaining life lessons (like, always don disposable latex gloves when cleaning up vomit).


When I show up to our School Room in the morning and find it a topsy turvy mess, I am so grumpy. On the other hand, I'm glad the children come up here and do artwork and projects, occupying themselves. I've got to pick my poison, I guess.


What's for Supper?

Sunday: Restaurant because we'd just come back from out of town, I hadn't yet gone grocery shopping, and it was either that or stale crackers and freezer-burned frozen vegetables.

Monday and Tuesday: literally nothing because we were sick

Wednesday: Delivery pizza because everyone else was well except Mama was sick and Daddy had a business dinner to attend. The lady who just had a baby and for whom I was scheduled to cook a lovely meal also ate delivery pizza that night.

Thursday: Picnic Night, not as good as the homemade truffle-bleu cheese potato chips that Chris was enjoying at his fancy business dinner, but with more love and wild antics at the table.

Five days into Advent, we managed to muster the energy to light our Advent candles and sing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

Friday plan--birthday dinner request for boy turning nine
Fettuccine Alfredo
Take-n-Bake Pizza
Pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream

Saturday plan
Hot dogs
Tater Tots
Shakes (Greek vanilla yogurt, protein powder, frozen fruit)

Our insurance carrier sent us a rebate check for one penny this week.


A couple of weeks ago, Margaret (4-1/2) composed her first song, which she named "Meezonia" (a name of unknown origin). When she came to me, having composed the song, she told me what the notes were for the chords and, when her piano teacher came, she had him transcribe it out for her. It has become a family favorite and she plays it to calm down the baby.


Lately, I think the children have been overwhelmed by their Daily List, which I write out for school in a spiral notebook. I thought it would be helpful to them if I included not just their book work, but their holy reading, literature reading, and music practice in this list. But that makes for a visually very long list.

Now I'm trying (yet again) to anchor more tasks to real life instead of considering them this Thing Apart called School Time. Music practice should happen in the afternoon, literature reading should happen at night, and their holy reading (which includes catechism) can happen in the morning when they first wander downstairs, leaving only their academic book work for School Time. I don't care if holy reading occurs first thing for my Early Bird, or after breakfast for my Later Riser, if it is in a quiet moment or amidst the din. I'm just feeling the thick cobwebs clearing from my mind after their having been there for a good seven months or so, thus I am starting a Scripture study also. I'm trying to do it in the morning with coffee, even amidst the din of a toddler running in circles and a baby on my lap, in order to model to my children. I model so many bad or weak behaviors, I might as well try to model some good ones too.

The Morning Time sign next to all the books used for holy reading and catechism.

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  1. Love the song! And I feel your pain. Our Thanksgiving week was also derailed by illness.
    Blessings! Annie