Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recording with the Horowitz Piano

Because John and Mary raised $110 each for the Ronald McDonald House (thanks to some generous folks!)--unbeknownst to us until later--they earned the privilege of playing the Horowitz piano again while being professionally recorded. On October 8, we visited the Steinway Piano Gallery of Charlotte to play our songs. 

It was rather humorous to wend our way through the pin-drop silent gallery of pianos worth tens of thousands of dollars each, me reminding the children in hushed whispers not to touch anything, not to climb anything, not to grab anything, not to breathe! I don't think the gentlemen were accustomed to children visiting their place of business, but we got through the experience just fine!

The videographer just made our videos final and emailed them to me today, and thus I present them here.

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