Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Mural at Our Parish

On Wednesday  night, the year-long planned wall mural was revealed at our parish.

Chris took the older three children to the grand unveiling in the evening and came home agog. Seeing it on a computer screen during the fundraising period gave us such a small glimpse of the true beauty of the real thing.

Our priest has flown out to the artist working in the Midwest many times during the last year to oversee this grand work of art. Father said he made many corrections, examined every face, every arch of eyebrow, every hand, every item of clothing for as much authenticity and beauty as he could.

Please head over to our parish website or to the Catholic News Herald on Facebook to see the photos! Our tiny parish--and, believe me, not the most wealthy--is probably the most beautiful Catholic parish in our whole diocese!

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