Thursday, November 5, 2015

Library Tour Field Trip

On Thursday, we enjoyed a behind-the-scenes school tour of the local library. So many families were interested that our homeschooling group had to break into two groups, one morning and one afternoon! Likely most homeschooling mamas are library nerds at heart . . .

After visiting the circulation desk and the employees' desks in the back rooms where books are sorted, and seeing the popular fiction area and the reference section, as well as hearing a history of libraries in the children's section, the kids all went on a treasure hunt to learn the Dewey Decimal System. This made my heart soar and brought back fond memories!

We had limited time between the library field trip and music lessons (plus my babysitter getting jury duty today!), so I took the kids to lunch. It turns out this was my first time taking the children into a restaurant (not drive-through) all by myself since having #5. All went basically well!

Then we had to pick up groceries before setting up the kids to watch way too much television so I could pack my suitcase for Nebraska (tomorrow!). Busy, busy!

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  1. Are you the same mom, whom a few months ago told me she couldn't do it? Look at you by yourself and your relaxed kids eating out at a restaurant! You are already a pro! :)