Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hornets Game Daddy-Daughter Date

Due to our neighbor's Thanksgiving travel plans, we were blessed to be given his season tickets to Wednesday's Hornets game. Through the complex calculations that are parenthood (who went anywhere where last, who went last year, who has what emotions right now, who has behaved good/bad, who can stay home with Mama, etc.), Mary was selected as the companion to go with Daddy.

They went on a very special Daddy-Daughter date going to dinner at a restaurant, then out to gelato, followed by taking an Uber car to the front door of the stadium to avoid walking any dark, downtown streets. I hope these special occasions with Daddy teach our daughters how ladies should be treated by gentleman, so that when they are teenagers and adults, they will feel repelled by boys who treat them shoddily.

Speaking of young ladies who might not yet be married--and I know I have some among my regular blog readers--I thought tonight of the kind of sign to look for to find a good husband. In the morning, my husband went to the store for me to buy some last-minute items we had run out of: coffee and cold cereal. Then he worked his full day and took our daughter on a date late into the night.

And even after all that, he went to the grocery store because I had discovered that we were out of half-and-half which I would want for my coffee the subsequent morning . . .

. . . even though he was tired

. . . even though he could have told me he'd already gone on a special grocery trip for me that very morning

. . . even though I am the only one who adorns her coffee instead of drinking it black

. . . even though we're going out of town so this half-and-half is for one morning's coffee

. . . even though he could have told me to wait till we hit the road around 10:00 for my first cup of coffee-with-cream, which we could get at a drive-through fast food joint.

Even though!

Mary added the note labeling my half-and-half

Young, unmarried ladies: drama and over-the-top romance will get a couple only so far. Steadfast devotion to the sacrament of marriage (more than to the spouse) and a commitment to make oneself a better Christian (versus trying to change the other person) are some signs that I personally think teenage girls should start looking for in young men. If any of my readers didn't read it when I posted it the first time, may I direct you to "The Real Truth About 'Boring' Men--and the Women who Live with Them: Redefining Boring" by Ann Voskamp?

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