Saturday, November 28, 2015

Home Safe, if not Sound

We are home safe from Atlanta . . .

Biggest and littlest brothers
. . . although feeling shell shocked from the drive home in which three-and-a-half hours turned into six . . .

Grandchildren lined up on the window seat for breakfast
. . . hours filled with a wailing infant, a hyper-manic two-year-old, and a four-year-old who kept vomiting from car sickness. One is left to ponder philosophical questions like: is prolific vomit better on the floor of the gas station store with all the patrons watching or in the back seat of one's own van where one is then trapped with it?

As veteran travelers with children, we knew to pack several large plastic bags, a pack of baby wipes, and spare clothing in the car for various bodily fluids which could emit. Now we've made a mental note always to pack disposable latex gloves as well. Of course, we won't need this information since we won't be traveling again with children till our youngest is twelve years old, but I share this tip for the rest of you.

Margaret's first painted nails by Mama--because she was too nauseated
to go to her friend's "painting nails" birthday party this afternoon
After a warm shower, a few hours of lying still, and getting food back in her stomach, Margaret felt much better. After a few days of silence, Chris and I might feel better too.


  1. Poor Margaret...and mom and dad! That all sounds awful, and the reason why we travel at night.

  2. Yes, that is awful for both Margaret and parents. I had a similar situation on the way home from vacation a few years ago with our then 6 year old, only that it wasn't motion sickness but a stomach virus (and, I've since learned that not just garbage bags, but garbage bags with a disposable diaper turned inside out to absorb the vomit is a must when traveling).