Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fall Soccer Ends

Today was John's final soccer game of the fall season and the first game I was able to attend.

Praying before the game, a YMCA tradition

The players all giving each other high-fives after the game

Staying warm in 40-degree weather

Staying warm in 40-degree weather

Post-game snack

Every child received a trophy after the final game. While, as a mature adult, I think this generation's practice of rewarding all participation is nonsense, as a mother, it warmed my heart to see John's excitement. Coach H. did a wonderful job of calling up each child by name and praising them for something very specific that child learned this season--for one child, learning to kick with his left foot, for another child, learning how to defend his position, for another child, always having a smile on his face.

John receiving a trophy