Monday, October 5, 2015

You Know I'm Starting to Feel Better

You know I'm starting to feel glimmers of my old self emerging when I am drawing up lists and writing down routines. This week, I've been drafting daily chore lists (as I begin weaning off having a housekeeper as I have had for some months), which prompted me to look at when we could do daily chores, and thus I had to draw up a new Routine of the Day.

Makes me happy, looks pretty good: flexibility within stability.

Routine of the Day

                        Breakfast and clean-up
                        Morning Family Prayers

8:30                 Morning Dressing Routine

9:00                 Morning Time (together)
                        School Rotations (lessons with Mama, independent work, music practice)

                        Outdoor recess, weather permitting

12:00               Lunch and clean-up

1:00-3:00         Quiet Time
                           Joseph napping
                                     Others finish any school; be in separate rooms for first hour, then can play quietly together

3:00                 Free Play Time, outdoors weather permitting

4:00                  Family Tidy-Up Time

5:00                 Mama cooking, kids watching TV

6:00                 Dinner and clean-up

7:00                 Pajamas, reading time

8:00-9:00         Kids’ various bedtimes

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