Monday, October 12, 2015

Useful Lists

Some people can shepherd a gaggle of kids, or just run their own life, without a 'guidebook,' but I need one, so I am a constant writer of lists. Admittedly, I like the guiding hand of lists and all forms, in fact: when I was a kid, I would go through grown-up's magazines and fill out any forms I could find, even with no intention to mail them in. Checking off boxes soothes me!

I have to write a list (usually the night before) for any outing on which we go. Often I even write out what food I will be packing in the lunches.

My list to go apple-picking tomorrow

Taking a tip from some other mothers, I've now begun keeping on our refrigerator the packing lists for regular, weekly outings. I have my list for what to take to CCE on Fridays and for what to take to Mass on Sundays. I am so reliant on a list that my Sunday list says "Remember to eat ahead of time," as I'm so busy getting everyone else ready that I forget to take care of my own self until I'm reminded later by a dizzy head and gnawing stomach.

Mothers with older children than mine (oldest is 8) will have assignments on their list, such as

Suzy (14): get Christine (2) ready, pack 2 diapers, extra outfit, sippy cup, bag of Cheerios

I imagine that is extremely useful! Alas, we are in the stage of simply teaching the children to get themselves ready. My goal in the last two months has been to teach the 8- and 6-year-olds to (1) pack their own backpacks and musical instruments on our way to music lessons and then (2) unload  them from the van (3) plus unpack them when we get home. Until they master those tasks, they're not ready to help me!

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