Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Regular Old Saturday

A Regular Old Saturday . . . 

Children excited to listen to 'Classics for Kids' on Saturday morning radio . . . 

Soccer in the rain while Mama stays home to do preparation-for-guests housecleaning . . . 

Soggy Cheerleaders

Warm baths for the cold, muddy returning champions . . .

Daddy and the boys running errands while Mama takes the girls consignment shopping for fall clothing and a couple of sweet toys for the tiniest of boys . . .

Joseph's new-to-us (used) bouncy seat that will hold him more upright,
oh how he yearns to grab those dangly temptations!

Mama couldn't resist this (used) $6 sword and shield,
just the right size for a toddler . . .
Joseph hasn't let go of it since, including in his sleep!

Ending the day and our very long family to-do lists with Daddy taking John and Mary to a music recital and potluck, while Mama stayed home with the littler three, eating s'mores as consolation!

Daddy's job doesn't end there and he stays up till the wee hours studying for his certification . . .

It's family life!


  1. That cozy coupe bouncy seat is super cute!

  2. Your link for Classics for Kids does not work because it appears you accidentally pasted in a sweet message to a friend instead (I'm sorry you can't go to the conference; I hope she can!). Is Classics for Kids on WDAV? What time?

    I like all 3 of the consignment purchases you shared: the baby seat, the knight props, and the velvet dress. Great finds!

    Do you microwave your marshmallow on one graham cracker like I do when I make quick s'mores? (all for me - too messy for the kids, I usually say!) Or do you get fancy with them?

  3. Frances:

    Thanks for the alert! I corrected the link.

    For making quick s'mores, I use our toaster oven. I place a metal tray in it with one graham cracker, one square chocolate, one marshmallow on top, then toast briefly. Yes, they're totally messy for kids, so I don't do them often!