Friday, October 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


This week, Chris passed his CompaTIA Security+ Certification--and on his first try! Congratulations, honey! (And I am very grateful that he will stop burning the candle at both ends . . . I don't know how wives with husbands pursuing advanced degrees do it!)


You are familiar, I presume, with the irritating practice of a younger sibling following or copying an older sibling? And no matter how often the Mama explains that this is a compliment, the younger sibling wants so much to be like the older sibling whom she loves, this practice is still considered one of deep offense. "Mama, she's following me!!!!!"

One day this week, Margaret (4) was following Mary (6) and some retaliation ensued, sparking a flow of tears from the younger one, who then exclaimed passionately, "I will follow you until I die!"


Bonus Reading!

"Hope for the Overwhelmed Homeschooler" (free download of 6-page pdf)

"10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Homeschooling"

"There's a New Path to Harvard and It's Not in a Classroom"--really inspiring article from a secular, business perspective!


I had heard that one of the best features of CCE is that the children learn to speak comfortably in front of crowds and, nine weeks into the year, I concur! Each child gives a presentation every two weeks, with requirements designed to increase from show-and-tell for preschoolers to formal 3-minute presentations with outlines submitted and note cards used for the third graders and above.

I have been working each week with my kids on their presentations, teaching them how to research, how to write, and slowly launching them to do more work independently.

Last week was the first time that my 8-year-old (who normally dictates to me because he strongly dislikes handwriting) cheerfully volunteered to write (most) of his own cards. That was a special milestone for this Mama!

And this week, my 6-year-old took passionate interest in her presentation on the Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus. Each night after everyone else tucked in, she darted down to the school room for half an hour to work on writing hers in great detail by herself. She got out the Bible, read it, and wrote the words, telling me that she was trying to change wording into somewhat of her own language so it wouldn't be copying. You can see that halfway through, she asked me to take dictation for her, but she made it far for a wee first grader!

Initially Mary drew her own illustrations for her presentation, but wouldn't use them at the last minute because they weren't "perfect"--I swear, I hide my terrible perfectionist tendencies from her, so I think she inherits it genetically!

Scourging at the pillar, unfinished


The Ascension


I bought a Colorama coloring book at the drug store this week--an impulse purchase--which has occupied hours of time daily from the three oldest children this week. What a great find!

I am particularly tickled that this has engaged the 8-year-old boy who has never had the passion for coloring as do the girls. The children are focusing intently to color the intricate designs precisely.

6-year-old's work

8-year-old's work

4-year-old's work


Baby Thomas loves to listen to his sister playing her violin. He also calms right down when she hums her violin songs in his ear: I think he might recognize them!


Speaking of Thomas, he is so big and strong at 3-1/2 months old!

He is starting to outgrow some of his 6- to 12-month clothing and can sit up tripod style with a back rest.

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