Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sweet Love Received in Many Forms

I am so blessed with the dearest friends! This challenging period of time encompassing the end of my pregnancy and first seven-weeks-so-far of Thomas' life have given me an opportunity to receive so much love and many corporal works of mercy.

Women have made me meals galore, and not just signing up on the meals website organized for me, but sometimes making them for me out of the blue and simply delivering them. I have had women babysit my children, including the friend who showed up when I was in labor and scooped up my four children to whisk them away to her house. Women have listened to my dark emotions and tears and responded with such encouraging words, pulling me up out of the abyss. 

And in the outright most FUN gesture of all, on the very frustrating day when I logged my "day in the life," that evening I opened the mail to discover a care package of candy from a lovely friend. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

Every candy package has attached to it a humorous and encouraging note to me.

Each pill box contains Skittles and a slip of paper with encouraging Scripture written on it.

Thank goodness I've made no effort yet to start my postpartum diet, so I can enjoy these candies without any emotional conflict!

I really can't believe what special friends and loving women God has put into my life. Thank you, all of you, and you know who you are!


  1. How sweet and thoughtful it is of your friend to send you such a kind and tasty gift! It brings tears to this pregnant mama's eyes! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I love seeing all the ways you and your family have grown. I always appreciate your honesty and willingness to share not only your triumphs but also your mistakes and fears. It makes me feel a little less pressure about becoming a mom myself, like, really, it's ok to not be perfect!? Thank you for that, and I hope you know, as your friend said, that you are indeed an inspiration.


  2. sorry! I have no clue why it keeps double posting.