Sunday, September 20, 2015

Playing the Horowitz Model D

On Saturday, John and Mary participated with their music studio in a play-a-thon hosted by WCCB television studio and Steinway Piano Gallery to raise money for Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. Studios from around Charlotte each had an hour to play in the television studio, and 27 students from Allegro Studios participated in its hour. 

Thanks to the generous donors whom they asked for money, John and Mary raised $100 each to donate. We knew that if a child raised $100, he would be given a memorabilia tee-shirt, but we didn't know till last night that John and Mary also have "earned" the opportunity to go down to Steinway Piano Gallery this week and have their piano pieces professionally recorded! What fun! I hope we can do that outing.

The Horowitz Model D is the favorite Steinway piano of famed twentieth century pianist Vladimir Horowitz.
"Horowitz, a Steinway Artist Immortal, is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. His colorful personality and astounding performances enthralled audiences for decades. Early in 1934, as a wedding present, Steinway & Sons presented Horowitz and his wife Wanda with a Steinway Model D, Serial #279503. In the early 1940’s, this piano was replaced with #314503, now known simply as CD 503. This is the piano Horowitz kept in his New York townhouse. He used it in many recitals and recordings in the 70’s and 80’s, and he famously demanded that the piano be his exclusive touring instrument during the last four years of his life, including for his triumphant return to the former Soviet Union for performances in Moscow and Leningrad in 1986." (Source)

Mary (6) performed "PB and J Blues" by Carole Klose.

John (8) performed "Loco-Motive" by Melody Bober. (The hesitation at the beginning of the video clip was not stage fright but John being confused about his cue.)

As this piano tours North America being used for fundraisers, the many workers who assemble and dismantle it autograph the underside.

John and Mary earned these tee-shirts
UPDATED 12/15/15 to add the professional video clips made available to us:

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