Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Walk Postpartum

School was going poorly on Tuesday (that pretty much goes without saying during these postpartum weeks), so I gathered us up for a neighborhood walk to improve attitudes.

I took along our CCE memory work to memorize while we walked.

CCE memory work

The kids ran off energy in a grassy field.

They found "puffballs" all over the place . . .

. . . as well as a fallen bird nest . . .

 . . . and bamboo sticks to bring home because we always need more sticks in our back yard (an inside joke to Daddy).

It turned out that this was my first walk since having the baby eight weeks ago and, boy, did my hip sockets remind me of that! I was and am still sore, telling me I have a very long journey back to any degree of fitness. I find exercise nigh impossible during the infant months. In this case, Thomas had fallen asleep at home in my sling, so I spontaneously took us on a walk and hoped he would sleep the whole time. On the walk, he woke up and, like an infant, began shrieking immediately because he wants to be awake and nursing or asleep, and now he was neither. But I can't exactly walk along and nurse him at the same time, nor is there anywhere to sit down and nurse him, so he just screamed for the last few blocks of trudging home, reminding me of why I typically don't begin any attempts at exercise till about four months postpartum when I can begin to predict naps. How other moms do it so much earlier postpartum, I have no clue, but I do have envy!


  1. It all sounds and looks quite idyllic (except for the shrieking newborn part)...I have no idea how anyone with a newborn and other children home's amazing to me!

  2. I'm no exercise fanatic, but I do find if I plan to do something active IMMEDIATELY after feeding baby I can usually count on at least 20-30 mins of content baby who can sit in a car seat or swing while I exercise. Of course, this is a golden window which could also be used for other vital tasks (dishes, laundry, a shower for me!), so it's very easy to do one of those instead ;-)