Sunday, September 13, 2015

Eucharistic Congress 2015

Saturday afternoon found our clan among the estimated 14,000 people at Eucharistic Congress in downtown Charlotte, NC. John and Mary were singing in the children's Latin choir in its tenth year and the final year it would be directed by Mrs. Schiffiano--a very bittersweet event.

The choir has been given what I consider a time slot of honor each year: they are the final performance in the Great Hall before the concluding Mass prayed by the bishop so, while attendance is spotty at other events, everyone is gathering for the Mass during the Latin choir performance, which means they have thousands of people watching them!


A humorously awkward moment occurred when the choir director led her musical ducklings in their straight line to queue up near the stage while the erudite and renowned Fr. Tad Pacholcyzk was still giving his--specific and detailed--talk on reproductive ethics from a Catholic perspective. I was in the audience and thinking that his talk (and visual aids) were more appropriate for an adults-only speaking engagement, not for a a Sunday homily or Eucharistic Congress talk where there are so many families. When the choir director lined up her children right adjacent to the stage and saw the talk that was going on, apparently she marched them right back to wait in another hallway!

Photo source: The Catholic News Herald

Chris took several videos of the children singing like angels.

Non Nobis Domine

Tantum Ergo

Panis Angelicus?

Veni Jesu

Dona Nobis

Salve Regina

God Beyond All Praising

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