Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

After all these years, I finally get around officially to doing Jennifer Fulwiler's 7 Quick Takes Friday, and I obtain her html code for it and everything, only to find out that I think her blog is closed and she doesn't do 7 Quick Takes Friday anymore. I'm always behind the times!

I managed to take four of five kids to the library last Friday, where we ran into a friend with her brood, making the outing even more fun. Leaving the two-year-old napping at home with Daddy makes all the difference in the world.

Mary gave Margaret a reading lesson

I continue to have such sweet mother's helpers.

Margaret was playing soothing lullaby music on the piano while Mary danced Thomas.

I will give you the tiniest sneak preview of our new school room in what was formerly Chris' office! We have spent all week creating (and schooling) in the new room.

Speaking of school, this week I read two touching and inspiring articles about homeschooling realities:

"Cry and Peace: Back to School with a Newborn"


"The Truth About Homeschooling (and a recap of our first week)"

John and Mary recently learned several "Star Wars" songs by John Williams on piano. When they next requested to learn the theme song to "Jurassic Park," we said that they have to take a break from movie songs to focus on classical works. While their teacher is now teaching them "Musette in D," Mary dashed off and figured out the beginning of "Jurassic Park" by ear, first on piano, then on violin, and taught it to her siblings to boot.

I wish Mary were always feeling this appreciative . . . 

John gave his first twice-monthly presentation at CCE this week. Preparing for it was one of those opportunities that Nerd Homeschooling Mothers really enjoy

John presented on the Great Pyramid at Giza. I taught him how to go online to websites (a first), how to discriminate among sources (National Geographic = good, people wearing tin foil hats and talking about aliens = bad), how to write an outline (as required by his teacher) and translate that outline in fewer words to note cards (also required), how to create visual aids, and then he practiced his presentation (1-3 minutes) for me. John did very well and I'm so happy for him! And I had loads of fun teaching him.

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  1. Kelly m has hosted for a long time now taking over for thisaintthelyceum. ...always love your blog, Katherine!

  2. Was about to tell you the same. 7 Quick Takes is hosted at Kelly's blog (a friend of mine from my parish in NJ). Her blog name is This Ain't The Lyceum. I am sure it will pop up if you google it! And I love when I can leave the baby home napping while I get something done with the other kids. But I have often gotten strange looks and concerned questions when I might mention, "Ohh I actually have one more child. She is home napping" And they picture my poor baby home alone asleep with no adult supervision LOL.....of course Cla is here though.

  3. Well, I'm nothing if not perpetually behind the times! Thanks for the redirection, ladies!

  4. What prompted the switch of school rooms? Just curious. Reorganizing can be a great way to make a fresh start. What will you use the old school room for?