Sunday, August 30, 2015

Music Recital August 29

John and Mary participated in a piano recital last night. I've missed at least the last two recitals, having their daddy escort them, so I hope to be ready, with infant in tow, to attend their next one. 

Warming up in the back room of the studio

John played Star Wars "Main Theme" and "Softly Whisper," although we don't have video of either.

Mary played "PB and J Blues," which I heard was a hit, and Star Wars "Imperial March," although I have video of only the latter, below.

You know the kids are exhausted from a birthday pool party and a late-night musical recital to be found sleeping like this . . .

Kung fu sleeping


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  2. Priscilla: Thanks! It was a $3 find at the Goodwill, about which Mary was overjoyed and she commented, "I can't believe anyone would ever donate this away!"

  3. I need to hit the consignment shops. We inventoried Gabriela's clothes and she basically has nothing for the fall.