Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eleven Pounds of Cuteness

Another week (or so), another pound (or so) . . . Thomas at one month old now weighs 11 pounds! He smiles every day (still hard to catch that on camera) and likes to be entertained by his bigger siblings.

On the bright side, Mama can supply all his milk now. But Thomas is still making very slow progress in learning to nurse himself, and can transfer only one ounce of milk, so he's still almost exclusively bottle-fed.

This morning, I got to experience a small-m miracle of sorts, the miracle of a tiny bit of normalcy returning to my routine. Thomas actually (1) slept out of my arms last night, so (2) I was able to catch several two-hour stretches of sleep, which meant (3) I was refreshed enough this morning to come downstairs (4) already dressed for the day (5) at seven (early) (6) by myself and (7) enjoy coffee in peace for thirty minutes! I call that seven small-m miracles!

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