Monday, July 27, 2015

Our First Outing

Just a few notes for my memory scrap book . . . 

Week 2 Postpartum

The kids have been with Chris, grandparents, and babysitters a lot, although sticking close to the house. They were caught playing Mass in the back yard, coincidentally on Sunday.

Kissing Mary

Thomas and I took out first outing from the house on Monday to try some Cranial Sacral Therapy to help him feel better after a difficult entry into the world. I can't offer an opinion at this point, except that it was lovely to see the baby melt into peace and calm during the gentle manipulation.

Thomas slept during his first car ride.

Chris drove me to the appointment and then took the two littles to feed ducks while I was occupied.

Look at Joseph's curls! He still hasn't had his first haircut.

Thomas regained to his birth weight by seven days old . . . thanks not to my milk (lots of problems there) but to donor milk. I am thankful to tears to those mommies.

Thomas yawning

I swear, on four occasions I've seen Thomas doing what I think is smiling. It seems interactive with me and it just didn't seem like "gas." Now begins the elusive attempt to catch a photograph of an early smile, if that's what it is. Below is as close as I could capture.

A nascent smile?

Leaving the house on Day 8 made me come home and nap for two hours, plus feel like I could barely walk for the rest of the day.

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