Friday, July 3, 2015

Movie Recommendations Requested

From the bedroom that is serving as my nest during my modified bed rest, I am here to request movie or television series recommendations.

I am going just a wee bit nutso due to a common malady called The End Weeks of Pregnancy. My brain is absolute mush, so I'm finding myself unable to read much, although the dozen books stacked haphazardly by the bedside show my effort.

Today Chris took the children to a wonderful park in Gastonia which offers a splash pad, pool, playground and train. The kids got to play in all the areas, plus ate ice cream cones. Three cheers for Daddy!

I stayed home and took 30 minutes to waddle a half mile around our neighborhood. The baby was not served his or her eviction notice, as hoped. Back to lying in bed.

Returning to the subject of movies . . . "Katherine movies" are generally dark, intellectual, British, or often quirky. And I love documentaries.

One morning over breakfast, I remarked to Chris, "I watched the most interesting documentary last night . . . " to which he replied something like, "If only I had a dollar for every time you say that."

In the last week, a few of the movies I've enjoyed most on the screen are:

In past pregnancies, I have very much enjoyed crime series, such as:

Hit me with your recommendations, please! Even if it doesn't seem like a "Katherine movie," share it if you've really enjoyed it.


  1. It's so hard to find good film/tv content that isn't morally repulsive these days! I liked Grantchester and Wolf Hall on PBS this year, but I don't know if they're still available to stream. They both displayed much sin in a way that's truthful to the fallen human condition. I would have preferred less of that ;-) but had good acting and well produced. I'd love to hear other recommendations too!

  2. Doctor Who qualifies as dark, British and quirky. And there's lots of it in the event you go very overdue ;-)

  3. Kendra Tierney at has some great recommendations and thorough reviews.

    I sympathize! Hang in there Katherine!

  4. I was going to recommend Endeavor before I saw it on your list. Have you watched the Inspector Lewis series? What about the Elizabeth Gaskell miniseries, Cranford, Wives and Daughters, and North and South? (I may have recommended these before.) Oh! Have you seen Foyle's War? I thoroughly enjoyed that series. The first couple episodes may not grab you immediately, but it's worth it to keep watching.

  5. I am transcribing all the recommendations from Facebook onto this blog post:

    Grand Hotel
    Dolphin Tale
    Agents of the Shield
    Stargate: SG-1
    Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson story
    White Collar
    Little house on the prairie
    Padre Pio biography
    It's a wonderful life
    Ann of green gables
    Pride and Prejudice
    The Scarlet and the Black
    Young Victoria
    God's Not Dead
    BBC's pride and prejudice
    The Bletchley Circle
    Once Upon a Time series
    Call the midwife
    Doctor Who
    A Good Lie
    When calls the heart

  6. More recommendations:

    Three Coins in the Fountain
    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    The Magic Bow
    Cottage to Let
    Hungry Hill
    Saints and Soldiers
    Land Girls
    Jewel in the Crown
    Island at War
    The Quiet Man
    Andy Griffith
    How the States Got Their Shapes
    Cracking the Mayan Code PBS Nova
    Miss Marple (with Joan Hickson)
    Lark Rise to Candleford
    Gilmore Girls

    There is a three part series on PBS about the Special Delivery Unit at CHOP that I found incredible. Soooo Pro-life (even it was unintentionally). The main focus of the series is Dr. Adzick, who was A's surgeon. He does surgery on babies inutero. I think the series is called Twice Born.

  7. Looks like you have plenty of suggestions without my 2 cents! But I LOVE Gaskell's North and South and have watched it repeatedly. I also an interesting Masterpiece Contemporary series with a young Benedict Cumberbatch, recently, called The Last Enemy.

    Good luck! I hope you don't have much time left to watch TV!