Saturday, June 13, 2015

Margaret Joins the Team!

And now Margaret (4 years 3 months) can ride a two-wheeler!

I didn't think Margaret was anywhere close to learning to ride a bicycle, but I haven't been outside with her much lately. Given the warm weather and with Mama in the third trimester, many evenings Chris takes the children outside to play after dinner, leaving me inside to rest. Margaret has been practicing increasingly on her Strider.

On Thursday night, Chris decided to give her a lesson on a small two-wheeler bicycle we have and she got it on her first try! That night she still needed him to give her a starting push. By Friday, she could launch by herself and ride straight, in circles, or figure eights for minutes at a time.

In the video she references a basket . . . her sister just got a new basket for her bicycle and we had said that Margaret could have one when she learned to ride. Maybe that's why she learned so quickly!

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