Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our First Swim Meet

Forewarning . . . this is a "grandparents' post," probably of interest only to close relatives!

The children finished up two months of swim lessons before they will take a break over the summer. The organization was wonderful at meeting the needs of homeschoolers with all ages meeting at the same time and a fantastic teacher-student ratio of about 1:3!

"It's too bright, Mama."

The homeschool group had a meet on Friday. Those in the youngest levels (like our John and Mary) did a demonstration, not a meet proper, and the older kids did a meet. Some of the skills they demonstrated are listed below.

Note that Mary was so disappointed that Mama did an operator error on my video camera during almost all her demonstrations, pushing 'stop' when I meant to push 'play' and pushing 'play' when I meant to push 'stop'! I have many video clips of the feet of my friend and I chatting in between demonstrations.

HsS Lower Levels:

(Distance will be 10 yds and races in forms of relays)

  • Bubble Jump Relay Race
  • Kick Board kicking relay
  • Noodle Horsey Race
  • Who can float on back longest

HsS Middle Levels:

(Distance will be 1⁄2 length in shallow water)

  • Bubble jump to a standing streamline position
  • Kick Board race with any kick
  • Back float kick
  • Freestyle race

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