Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers' Day 2015

Love notes discovered in the wee dark hours of the morning

There is no charming picture of me with my children clustered around me on this Mothers' Day because as of Sunday, I'd been sick for four days with a nasty virus and had slept for two hours the night before.

From John (8)

My best gift was that I have a considerate husband who kept the children occupied downstairs--with much outdoor play and even taking them to Mass by himself--so I could stay in bed all day.

From Mary (6)

Mothers know that they almost never get a sick day but still have to take care of the family even when ill, so yesterday was a real blessing to me.

From Margaret (4)

I think I am past the worst of it and can parent from the couch and a bit from my feet today as Chris goes back to work.

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