Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tour of Trader Joe's

On Tuesday, our homeschooling group enjoyed a tour at the local Trader Joe's grocery store. The employee giving the tour was exceptionally skilled at working with children and I, for one, was making mental notes of her techniques! Perhaps wearing her eye-catching hat would help the children give me their attention while at home?

Margaret captivated by an exceptional presenter

After a talk on the history of the store and its practices while standing outside, we all put our hands at our sides like good little ducklings and took a tour inside the store.

We enjoyed free snacks, then outdoor games, and all went home with a free reusable shopping bag.

Boys playing tic tac toe

Mary ready to do her treasure hunt

We all received free water bottles and snacks.

Mary playing a toss game

Afterward, about five of our families drove over to Freedom Park for a picnic lunch and playground time in this gorgeous spring weather--and break amidst the rainiest April we've had in about 130 years!

Bonus Reading: "Are We Starving the Hearts of Our Children?" I agree with this blog posts wholeheartedly and would write it myself if I could write that well and had enough years of experience behind me.

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