Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring-Summer Clothing Turnover

It is that time of year again! I am using our Easter octave off of school work to clear out the children's winter and too-small clothing and replace it with spring-and-summer clothing.

Step 1. Wash all the children's clothing, darks and lights, in one day. Get it put away in drawers and closets. (This took me all morning.)

Step 2. Ideally on the same day (so no dirty clothing disappears into the laundry hamper!), go through each child's clothing. (It took me three hours to go through four children's clothing and I was really tired.)

  • A. Get rid of winter clothing and clothing that is too small--save good stuff, donate, or throw away what is too worn or stained.
  • B. Go into the clothing storage of appropriate size and get out spring and summer clothing.
  • C. As you're putting away all the good clothing, make exact counts of what the child has in each category. I like to remember: fewer outfits means less laundry!
  • D. When it is all over, look at the categories and make notes about the quantities of what items the child needs.

Voila! Due to hand-me-downs and buying earlier off-season, our kids need almost nothing purchased this spring, which is not so fun for me but is definitely way cheaper than a shopping spree, even at the thrift stores and consignment shops where I buy most of the children's clothing.

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