Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday

Dying the Easter eggs is complete.

We don't dye them on Holy Saturday because we're busy all morning doing a service project at our parish. Then the Blessing of Easter Baskets is at noon, so the eggs need to be ready before then.

For several years, we've dyed the eggs on Good Friday, which always felt a little odd. This year, John (8) saw me write on our wall calendar "DYE EASTER EGGS" on Friday and he commented, "Mama, that is the most penitential day of the year. Why don't we dye the eggs on Holy Thursday instead?"


Now, I just wish dying eggs were a more relaxing endeavor. I like it as much as carving pumpkins. With the pumpkins, I have four children jostling around sharp knives, ready to lop off a finger. With the eggs, I have four children jostling around cups full of dye which will be knocked over (three cups dumped this year) that stain our tile floor and their clothing.

Today was our last day of school before Holy Triduum and Easter break. We are looking forward to a change of routine!

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