Saturday, March 14, 2015

They're Called Muffins!

Yesterday, the children heard somewhere of "Pi Day"--today, March 14, 2015--and wondered if we might bake a pie. I hemmed and hawed, I don't know, we discussed possible recipes to make.

But this morning at breakfast, as we ate our muffins, the children asked again and I said, "Our family gave up desserts as part of our Lenten sacrifice, so I don't feel comfortable making a pie today. Maybe we could make it on Sunday, one day late."

By muffins for breakfast, I mean Coffee Cake Muffins . . .

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Mary immediately inquired, "But Mama, what about these? They're dessert."

All eyes turned on me silently and waited for an answer.

I thought grumpily, "Who is catechizing these children?! Harumph!"

Yeah, well, that would be me.

I decided to change the subject by announcing that I would read aloud the saint of the day, St. Maud, Queen while they finished eating their muffins.

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