Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

In honor of the feast of St. Patrick--the slave-turned-bishop who returned to his captors to convert a pagan nation, perhaps still the most culturally Catholic nation in the world--I baked Irish soda bread, which we ate at tea time.

Joseph is showing me is plastic cricket.

I used to be That Mom who celebrated the liturgical calendar at home with meals, crafts, and stories. I was good at being that kind of mom! But once we got into "real school" over here, which takes up hours each day, and the number of children increased, I haven't been That Mom anymore. I can hardly keep track of tomorrow's feast day and I rely happily on father's homilies during Mass, our homeschoolers' monthly liturgical celebrations, and Catholic art class to educate my children in these matters.

Margaret and Joseph made a clover craft to learn about the holy trinity during Younger Art Class.

I would love to learn how to balance both "real school" and living the liturgical year again.

Until then, I will do things like squeeze in eating Irish soda bread while reading St. Patrick's story to the children in between our full school day, music practice, running an errand with four kids in tow, and cooking dinner (Asian food, of all things), followed by sewing a certain somebody's birthday gift late into the night.


  1. I'm so relieved you're struggling to fit the liturgical year in. I have been wondering for years how you even manage to keep track of it. I can barely remember my kids' feast days. Now, I look forward to hearing your solution when you figure one out! ;)

  2. Making soda bread sounds like a fine celebration! That's what we did.

  3. Super cute picture. I, too, have a hard time fitting it all in. We only did a coloring page that day. :-)