Friday, January 30, 2015

Mama Won't Know a Thing

Thursday morning was our "Arts Morning" (before "Music Afternoon"), but instead of doing our "How Great Thou Art" curriculum, we decided to have a sewing morning. Margaret (almost 4) finally got the hang of stitching yarn into a plastic guide, much to her joy. She still makes many errors, but she spots them right away and hands me the stitching to take out the mistake.

She is making a coaster.

Mama: "Margaret, Did you know it is Mama's birthday on Monday?"

Margaret: "Yes." [No, she didn't.]

Mama, whispering: "I know your Mama would really, really love to be given a coaster for her birthday. But you'd have to be able to keep it a secret from her!"

Margaret, also whispering: "Yes, I will do that! It's a secret! Will you help me wrap it?"

Mama: "Yes."

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  1. Awww <3 And seriously? Margaret's almost four?! They grow up so fast... ;) -Emiliann W.