Friday, January 9, 2015

Epiphany (Again)

On Friday, we were blessed to have a priest from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter come to our home to give the Epiphany blessing. While a father or head of household can do this in the absence of a priest--which is the current state of affairs due to the overburdened time of diocesan priests--it has always been traditional that priests spent the month of January traveling to all their parishioners' homes to impart the blessing.

I learned that a priest would be coming to our home about 48 hours in advance--and this is a big deal to a Catholic. We want our homes sparkling for such a visit! Yet we'd been sick for two weeks, the house was an explosion of Christmas decorations taken down but not yet put away, and basically a lot of disorder and dust. I may or may not have thrown an adult-sized tantrum.

On Thursday, I managed to rally enough post-influenza energy to vacuum and scrub and Chris got all my decorations snugged into the attic. On Friday morning, the children themselves surprised me in such a sweet way: after breakfast, they instructed me conspiratorially to stay downstairs. After a mere twenty minutes of racing around, they led me upstairs amidst giggles and beaming faces to show me an absolutely pristine second floor. All six beds were made, not a toy was strewn on the floor or a book off the shelves. Pajamas were tucked in drawers and the bathroom was in order, not a toothbrush out of place. The children had dressed themselves and even dressed the toddler. In a word, it was perfect.

This is good and bad for the children, of course. Now I know exactly what the kids are capable of doing (and cheerfully!), which does not much resemble our typical mornings around here.

Anyway, what a gift to this still very tired mama who is on antibiotics, along with the toddler, for our double ear-infections.


Father arrived and the children inspected with interest his Epiphany blessing supplies.

The Latin prayers translated in English

Children following

The children ran after Father on his first round through the house, sprinkling holy water in every single room and closet.

Heading upstairs with holy water

Mary delighted by incense

Then Father took the same route through the house with his lovely incense.


 Lastly, Father wrote the Epiphany blessing above all the exterior doors.

Blessing the doors

Blessing the doors

After dinner, we gave the children a basket of Epiphany gifts. I had managed earlier to order a book of Gospel stories and a Rosary flip-book from Sacred Art Series, about which I am very excited to use. I supplemented with a quick trip to the drug store where I bought silly little paper, glitter, toothbrushes, straws, and some candy.


  1. I'm glad y'all got to have an "official" Epiphany celebration. And with a priest and everything! The baskets look great, too-of course, any basket containing candy looks pretty darn great automatically. -Emiliann W.

  2. What a beautiful gift after days of sickness, a home cleaned by your darlings and blessed by a priest!