Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Fridays?

Eight weeks after purchasing the "I Can Do All Things" art course, today I finally implemented my hope to set aside Fridays for art and/or science. I selected this art curriculum from many good choices at How Great Thou Art: Homeschool Art Curriculum.

video teacher
The course is taught on video by the teacher, which I very much appreciate. There are four courses: beginning drawing, how to use colored pencils, beginning painting, and art appreciation. One could teach all the video lessons one subject at a time, or one can rotate through: for example, two days per week set aside for art, and on Week One, you teach colored pencils, then painting, and in Week Two you teach painting and art appreciation.

Our first day was spent simply drawing two pictures to make a record of how we draw before we take any lessons. The two drawings took an entire hour and a half!

The teacher is Christian and highly encouraging of all ages. I'm enjoying his style so far! (There seem to be some great specials going on right now, if you are interested in How Great Thou Art: see here and here.)

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