Friday, November 21, 2014

The Green Band

Today after swim class, John asked the teacher permission to test for his Green Band. And he passed the test! 

This is the same boy who was paralyzingly scared of swimming just a couple years ago and earned a little "most improved swimmer" award for working to overcome that. Now, he's a fish in water and has learned so much just in the last few months. He is the kind of kid who would thrive in swim team . . . if I were a swim team kind of mom!

Both kids learning the basics of diving

John diving

John swimming 25 yards

To earn a green band, the swimmer must swim 25 yards, exit the pool without assistance, jump into the pool and resurface, and tread water for one minute. The green band gives swimmers at all YMCA pools access to all pools and slides (instead of having to be within arm's reach of a swim instructor).

Shhhh . . . nobody tell my children that they all, even the three-year-old, can swim better than can their mama!


  1. Congratulations John! ....I'm with you on the last part. Not that I think John's a better swimmer than you; I'm sure he's a better swimmer than me too! -Emiliann W.

  2. Way to go John! And how wonderful that you are making sure that they are able to get around in the water.