Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I didn't realize, or had forgotten, just how much energy it takes to snap what I hope are interesting photos of the children and to write thoughtfully about them. So many moments have passed when I've thought weakly from my exhausted pregnancy fog that I would like to take a picture . . . but lifting my leaden arm would take too much energy that is going into building neural tubes, so I let the moment pass. And what I thought was dashing off a blog post in a few minutes in between duties--easy sneezy--is not easy at all when one's eyelids keep shutting.

Thus, the lack of photos and news for weeks.

We did manage to take a pre-planned trip to the in laws' in Atlanta. Traveling during pregnancy is so hard for me physically that, while it was lovely, I am dreaming hopefully of traveling nowhere else for approximately eight months.

All four children asleep for a while on the drive to Atlanta . . . Mama feels like this all the time

My mother-in-law puts on a beautiful Thanksgiving meal, everything planned thoughtfully due to her decades of frequent hostessing experience. I took no photos of the food so readers will have to use the power of their imagination to envision the spread of many dishes on buffet tables draped elegantly with table cloths.

This is the kind of table decoration my MIL "just throws together,"
while I can't think of such a thing or execute it at all.

Antics at the table

Sweet big sister

On Friday, Pop-Pops, Chris, and the two big kids went on a day trip to visit relatives a couple of hours away. (Sorry, no photos of their great fun, including the Museum of Aviation.) I was still reeling from our car ride the day before, so stayed back with Grandmom and the two littles. Not wanting the tykes to miss out on their own adventure, I actually broke down and took them to Monkey Joe's for the first time. The chaos, blaring noise, and frenetic energy is very much not my style but certainly the littles enjoyed it. Margaret (3-1/2) basked in finally having the privilege to go somewhere enviable where her bigger siblings have never been.

Look at all that energy! You know how toddlers and preschoolers have seemingly unfathomable depths of energy? Is it possible that they suck all of that energy out of the mother during pregnancy, mostly during her first trimester, and store it to be expended for the next several years? That might explain just how tired I am.

On Saturday, we took the children to a local playground--more of that energy! I wanted to sit or sleep on a bench--and then out to lunch.

Sundays coming back from Atlanta are always fatiguing. We scrambled to pack up our belongings and get to the nine o'clock Mass, then a zany breakfast at IHOP.

The drive home took five-and-a-half hours due to Thanksgiving traffic and detours. The 22-month-old was the best behaved during the drive, which is about as politely as I can describe the situation.

And that's a wrap because I've stayed up way past my bedtime, it's almost nine o'clock . . .


  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed it. -Emiliann W.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I've missed you and your posts.