Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday Family Fun

Family Game Night

+ Popcorn and hot cocoa

+ Uno

= crazy fun times!

Joseph ends each evening at the table like this.
This was my first time playing Uno in about 25 years, and I think I had a disadvantage, given that I had to wrestle this cutie in my lap . . .

It turns out that my husband is an Uno card shark. Almost nine years of marriage and I had no idea! The first night I pull out the Uno and this fella remembers every single rule and wins all three rounds.

A card shark works the table littered with sippy cups, Swiss Miss, and popcorn old maids.

What a fun evening!


  1. Game nights are always the best! -Emiliann W

  2. When Chris was about John's age I woke him around 11:00p to ask him to play a game of Othello with me. I thought since he was half sleepy I could beat him at this game of intellect. But it did not happen. The next day I asked him how he was able to play the game so well when he was not fully awake(?) Chris replied, "what game?"

  3. How fun! I cannot believe that I we don't own UNO in this house. It has now gone on my stocking stuffer list, thanks for the reminder.