Friday, October 10, 2014

Carnival Baking

Our annual parish carnival is this Saturday! That's tomorrow! Each child--all three of them!--made countdown calendars three months ago to post on their bedroom doors. Each day, little checks would mark off one more day toward the carnival. Their allowances have been saved to pay for food, games, and rides. Discussion over which games and rides to patronize in what order has been nearly endless.

Thursday was baking day for Mama to donate to the carnival bake sale, so school was done at the kitchen table amidst a cloud of flour. Considering that our dishwasher broke that day and I was (am) working on a sewing project too, it was a productive day.

Of course, then Mama collapsed in a heap of fatigue, having failed to measure out her energy and reserve some for cooking dinner for the family . . . so Daddy rescued us with a restaurant. It would hardly be honest for me not to report that part!

Milk bread

German apple cakes

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  1. Looks yummy! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. -Emiliann W.