Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guest Writing

I very much enjoyed a little writing opportunity when I was asked to write an article about the homeschoolers' Fine Arts Festival for our diocesan newspaper. I wish I could figure out how to capture a screenshot to be more artistic on this blog--ALT + Print Screen isn't working for me--so I will just direct you to click here.

I wrote a long-enough piece to be a full two-page spread so the editors could cut it down to fill any size they wanted. They did end up cutting it a lot, but I understand space limitations!

Below is a review published in the paper by a theatre-goer:

It was a pleasure to read the Sept. 12 article about the success of the Home School Fine Arts Festival. My husband and I attended the closing theatrical performance as guests, unaffiliated in any way with the festival. As avid theater-goers, and I as a professional classical musician, we were floored by the outstanding quality and jubilant spirit of the performance.
We feel compelled to write this letter to add to the (necessarily brief) published description of the play. These young volunteers, ranging in age from preschool through high school, came together to form a backstage team, performing cast and musical support equal in excellence to many professionals productions we have witnessed in our lifetime. Their stage presence, poise, intelligence, clarity, acting skills and enthusiasm captivated their audience and owned their script. The dance choreography and musical numbers were incredibly beautiful, engaging and entertaining.
The artistic liberties which the directors took with the original script resulted in a stellar drama laced with deep Catholic truths and scriptural teaching. Throughout the performance, which lasted more than two hours, the children maintained unflagging vigor and joy. The Home School Fine Arts Festival's "Taming of the Shrew" was truly a rich and eloquent witness to the beauty of our faith.
Andrea Stroot lives in Gastonia with her husband Joel.


  1. Congrats Mrs. Lauer! If anyone's qualified for this sort of job, judging by your superb writing skills on this blog, it's you! -Emiliann W.