Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Swim Lessons

Better late than never, the children began swim classes today! We missed the first several in the series due to this and that. 

Packing our lunch since lessons let out at noon

Extremely happy girl who can finally swim without a 'floaty pack'

Playing Sharks and Minnows

Enjoying our picnic lunch afterward


  1. Fun times! -Emiliann W.

  2. As a recreation director, I manage four pools in our small city. I love to see young children learning to swim - so important and it's a life skill. Many parents in our community don't know how to swim, so they don't have their children learn. SO important. I tell parents, "They don't have to like to swim, but they must KNOW how to swim." Good for you, looks like they loved it!

  3. Andrea: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm one of those parents who does not know how to swim, so it's very important for us to pass on that skill. I am so appreciative of the YMCA for creating classes for homeschoolers so we can put all our multi-aged kids in one class.

  4. Have you considered taking lessons to learn? We offer private adult lessons. :)