Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fire Truck Pajama Pants

If I had only sons, I doubt I would learn how to sew because I can find on the market clothing we want them to wear. But John wants me to sew him clothing too, so every so often I make him a pair of pajama pants, which is a very quick project.

A friend taught me this trick: Give the kids a bunch of ball-headed pins and it keeps them busy while Mama sews. Not that it will never happen, but none of mine has been injured yet!

John chose the fire truck fabric and is one satisfied customer


  1. I love those! I can see PJ sewing in my future. The oldest is only seven and is so tall he wears a 10, and big boy clothes and pajamas are NOT acceptable. It's all characters or treated polyester. Yuck! What happened to plain old flannel??

  2. These are great! My next sewing project is a pair of PJ shorts for my copious spare time! :)