Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Lists by Month

It is possible that my readers are laughing just as hard as did my husband when today I approached him with excitement, "Look honey, did I show my new list of books?"

"Really?" (mock surprise) "You have a list?!"

I say that if there is anything to make this girl more giddy than books or lists, it is a list of books.

* * * * * 

The Catholic Church traditionally assigns a devotion to each month, as in the following list (source here):

Dedicated to:
JanuaryThe Holy Name and Childhood of Jesus
FebruaryThe Holy Family
MarchSt. Joseph
AprilThe Blessed Sacrament
JuneSacred Heart of Jesus
JulyThe Precious Blood
AugustImmaculate Heart of Mary
SeptemberSeven Dolours (Sorrows) of Mary
OctoberThe Holy Rosary (and, less formally, the Holy Angels)
NovemberPoor Souls in Purgatory
DecemberThe Immaculate Conception

I took said list, sat down in front of the children's bookshelf, and assigned nearly all my Catholic books to an appropriate month. (One could also include in the list secular books, such as one on Thanksgiving to November.) Now, when I am assembling my weekly book baskets to read to the children, I will have a list of Catholic titles which would be especially appropriate for that month (and I will continue to include literature as well, which is outside the subject matter of Catholic devotions). I don't consider myself limited by this list--as if it is a required assignment--but that this is a list of useful ideas. Anyone could do this with their books at home!

I tacked the list above the children's bookshelf.

A close-up of book titles for this month of June devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Also, I can write the devotion of the month above the family calendar I keep on the giant white board in the kitchen.


  1. I'm a children's librarian. I get it. :-D

    I think it's also the season! I've been working like mad to get things shaped up before our new school year begins.

    You need a copy of Catholic Mosaic if you don't have it! I use that as a framework to roughly maintain my religious books by liturgical season.

    I have my secular books organized by season/holiday, reading lists (some fiction/picture books), subject (non-fiction), biography, and age/grade.

    I've been working on adding my entire collection (thousands) into a database to prevent duplicates and help me know at glance what I have.

    I've also just discovered OneNote to assist in planning. I use Simply Charlotte Mason as well, and I think the two together will be a homeschooler's dream!

  2. Courtney: THANK YOU for helping my husband see that I don't have too many books in our home library. As if such a thing were possible.

  3. Hahaha! Always happy to help! My husband can't say anything about the books since he has the organ and hundreds of pieces of music and hymnals everywhere.