Friday, December 7, 2012

St. Nicholas Party

A generous friend of ours gave the children sticker Advent calendars, which is something I hadn't seen before and, I think, a great option.

Each day the children put out a star counting down the days plus one sticker to decorate.

This morning, our children caught up to today, Day 7, and I posted the calendars on the wall for us to continue decorating all month.

Then we headed off to our parish for a liturgical party celebrating three big feast days: St. Nicholas (12/6), St. Ambrose (12/7), and the Immaculate Conception (12/8). A selection of books were set out for a certain Special Visitor who was coming (he ended up reading two).

Shoes were also set out!

And then St. Nicholas arrived! No fathers being available, our spiritual father--our priest!--agreed to do the honors and we were so grateful. I thought it was beautiful that this man--who works approximately a zillion hours per week--would help minister to the souls of the children in this humble and fun way, along with all his other ways of helping souls. He was, as St. Paul would say, being all things to all people that he might save one.

While the young children were listening to stories, the older children were doing a Bible treasure hunt around the church grounds.

Afterward, there were treats! Candy canes were in honor of St. Nicholas, honey cakes in honor of St. Ambrose, and blue-and-white Rice Krispy treats in honor of the immaculate Virgin Mary.

Sisters! (with Margaret "smiling" in that toddler way)

Our gorgeous goddaughter!


  1. how perfect, the girls are wearing candy cane dresses!

  2. clare and bridget have the exact same matching land's end dresses :)

  3. Yes, I bought them on winter clearance last year, in anticipation of this year! And I chose them because they look like candy canes!

  4. What an adorable goddaughter you have there! ;-)