Friday, November 26, 2010

Astute Questions

We try to be delicate in our language about difficult subjects with John so as to be age-appropriate, but lately I've noticed him asking more astute questions. I then try to answer him, and I hope his asking indicates that he's ready for the answers! Two examples struck me as humorous:

This morning we were discussing that Mary has a splinter in her finger and where do splinters come from? I said I would take it out of her finger.

"But how will you take it out?"

Not wanting to make him think it hurts, "I'll use tweezers."

"Tweezers won't be able to get it out of her finger. What else will you use?"

"Well, a needle, honey, I'll use a needle."

That's when John suggested that we don't need to use a needle, that God will heal the splinter instead.

The example from Thanksgiving was even better. I had prepared the uncooked turkey and was about to put it in the oven.

"What is that, Mama?"

"That is a turkey."

"But how did they make a turkey into that?"

Starting with the simplest answer, "They took off the feathers."

"But, Mama, then where is the head?"

"Um, yes, they had to take off the head too."

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  1. You might also mention to John, re splinters, that if you wait for God to remove the splinter, you will probably have to wait for God to cure the infection which could result from your not assisting God by removing it.