Sunday, October 24, 2010

You'll Have to Try Harder Than That

Good thing we were planning to buy Mary a twin bed imminently anyway, as she now easily climbs over baby gates and out of her crib--simply like the obstacles are nothing! Might as well get her her own big girl bed, not that I have a clue how I will keep her there . . .


  1. I think I ended up sleeping on Emma's floor the first 6 months she was in a "big girl bed," but because I was pregnant at the time and it was SO uncomfortable, she ended up in our bed for a year after... She's only just NOW been consistently in her own bed!

  2. Janeane: John got his big boy bed at 24 months old. He just SUCCESSFULLY graduated to it a month ago, at 3-3/4. :) So, getting one for Mary is with the long view in mind, that's for sure. Ah well, I was having increasing difficulty bending into the crib anyway and was wondering how pregnant mothers retrieve babies out of cribs. (The drop side on mine is super sticky, so I always leave it up instead of lowering it.)

  3. This is coming from a very pregnant mommy, who's now 2yr old :( is still in the crib.... I put her in standing up, make her lay herself down, and will only pick her up if she's standing. I can barely cover her let alone pick her up from a laying down position. Thankfully she's never climbed out of the crib, yet.